Fischerle – Post-functional Dub Objects


[ czaszka (rec.), 2017 ]

The music on Post-functional Dub Objects by Mateusz Wysocki’s Fischerle may be strange and murky, but the story behind the creation of the album is stranger than fiction. In the creator’s own words:

A few years ago I was hitch-hiking and had a unique encounter. One of the drivers who gave me a ride spoke in slow motion. He stuttered every syllable and it took a few minutes for him to introduce himself. On our journey he drew my attention to different things but before he could tell what he meant these things were already far behind us. I wanted to recreate in these tracks this feeling, of being unable to identify something because it’s already obsolete or gone.

The music here tries to translate the severe speech impediment by mismatched rhythms, stretched time signatures, ghostly textures, fractured ambience and the general feeling that something is off. Even the seemingly club-friendly “Palto” has an irritating, fucked up feel to it, reminiscent of Ghettoville era Actress stuff , except imagine Cunningham couldn’t get anything lined up correctly and it ends up fascinatingly frustrating. Quite like listening to the stuttering driver who’s trying to convey a message but simply can’t. A shifting masterpiece for the adventurous. Recommended!


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