Rhythm Baboon – Baboonism


[ Pawlacz Perski, 2017 ]

A distorted, slowed-down sample of Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909” emerges from the opening piece “Cor 2 Cor” on Baboonism, a new album by the Gdansk based freak footwork producer Rhythm Baboon. And it only goes better from there – the core material is indeed the Windy City’s trademark genre, but here it’s slowed down and deconstructed, sometimes to the point of becoming skeletal rhythms falling into the deep well of ambient sounds, echoing and reverbing to an ominous effect. The spoken word samples, so abundand in footwork, are also present here, but smeared and blurred to sound like creepy industrial machines peering from beyond the edge of consciousness. Basically: if footwork is like a good psychedelic trip, then Baboonism looms on the verge of a bad trip. A good bad trip. Does it even make sense? Find out for yourself.


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