The Kurws – Alarm


[ Gusstaff, 2017 ]

The newest album from the Wrocław based quartet The Kurws is more abrasive and abstract than the band’s previous albums, leading the band’s sound with explosions of meaty bass, skeletal melodies, sandpapery guitar textures and maniacal, seemingly talentless drumming. But there’s an intricate network of references underneath the chaotic sound. The opening, hypnotic drone piece “Oury Jalloh”, refers to a Sierra Leonean asylum seeker who died in a mysterious fire in a police cell in 2005. “Triumph of the Unwill” is a clever parody of the classical piece of Nazi propaganda by controversial filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, while “Dances on the Volcano” is the title of the personal memoirs of Princess Daisy, the heiress of the Książ Castle on the outskirts of Wałbrzych, Poland. The music on Alarm is nervous, full of sudden turns and twists, constantly adding to the cascade of uncontrollable sounds, yet always with a strangely intellectual, chaotic edge. Like a drunk philosopher trying to explain some genius new ideas while constantly changing the topic. It’s disorienting, and brilliant at the same time. Recommended!


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