Moon Diagrams – Lifetime of Love


[ Geographic North, 2017 ]

After some 10 years in the making, Lifetime of Love finally sees the daylight since Deerhunter drummer Moses Archuleta decided to start a then-yet unnamed solo vehicle. Torn between autobahn-friendly minimal techno and grainy, hazy ambience the album relies on chance and the sense of constant searching. Lifting samples from found LP’s and smearing soft synthesizer textures all over the place gives Lifetime of Love a sense of timelessness and an ominous feeling of reviving dead souls who were stuck under a thick layer of analog dust. Skeletal rhythms arouse the inhabiting spirits into a hypnotic dance while the specters hover in the distance. Recommended!


GAS – Narkopop


[ Kompakt, 2017 ]

17 years after Pop, Wolfgang Voigt, the fearless visionary behind the timeless techno project GAS and co-founder of the legendary German label Kompakt is back with new material, aptly named Narkopop. Now, if you’re familiar with the music of GAS, you know exactly what to expect: orchestral samples stretched into ambient oblivion, sometimes also complimented with a relentless, hazy techno beat that just goes on and on forever. The music of GAS has no beginning and no end, the lengthy tracks on Voigt’s albums are just tiny glimpses of the endless processes that take place somewhere deep, deep in the primeval woods of Germany, like the hearbeat of Mother Nature herself. Just naming it “ambient techno” doesn’t cut it. At all. This is something much more abstract and primal. This is some Twin Peaks kind of stuff. Highly recommended!

Shedbug – Acceptance



If you’re more into airy, outsider house electronics than acid rock abandon, maybe you’d enjoy spending this Ghost Night [tm] with Shedbugthe Australian ambient techno whiz whose ambient-worshipping grooves fuse the future and the past into acid-influenced Eternal Now, hooked in an an endless repetition built around skeletal melodies and wobbly basslines that makes you wish they could carry on forever. If you’re a fan of Huerco S. or most of 1080p catalog, then Shedbug should be right up your alley. It’s the kind of ambient techno the genre needs – the one with a muscle. Acceptance doesn’t suffer from anemia – fear not. Recommended!

Ex-Terrestrial – Paraworld


[ 1080p, 2016 ]

What’s that? Weed Temple is not dead? Apparently, it’s not! I survived a week during the Woodstock Festival, the mud and the dust didn’t kill me, so I can survive pretty much anything at this point. Anyway, it’s time to go back, and it’s gonna be with this mellow banger (isn’t that an oxymoron?) from Adam Feingold. Clearly inspired by Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, Ex-Terrestrial glides softly between ambient techno (“Paraworld”) and prime time stoner’s delight (“Blue Smoke” proves that the Amen Break will NEVER go old, no matter how many millions of times it was already used) to give you some of the best late night listening sessions of 2016. Highly recommended!

Fischerle – Playmate


[ BDTA, 2015 ]

Warsaw based dub tekno magician Mateusz Wysocki aka Fischerle throws some deep techno beats, broken & fried electronics and vintage porn aesthetics and throws them into the concrete mixer on the newest cassette for the BDTA label, becoming yet another idiosyncratic standout in BDTA’s increasingly eclectic catalogue. Fischerle’s style, based around minimal basslines and eerie atmospheres is more suitable for a late night listening session than club settings, but after seeing him putting people into a trance state during his performace at Avant Art Festival in Wrocław (the windows shaking dramatically together with the rhythm really contributed the experience) using some absolutely minimal, deep bass I’m not so sure anymore. Hypnotizing and carefully danceable. Recommended!

Perfume Advert – +200 Gamma

The British duo Perfume Advert are poised to make you serriously irradiated with their follow-up to the 2013’s Tulpaexpanding the minimal house sound with some serious ambient haze on their newest album, released via Opal Tapes imprint. +200 Gamma gets caught in the transition zone between the beat and the atmosphere, resulting in some tracks that balance between being hazy, druggy zones (“Sissy Drip”) and straight-up dancefloor bangers (“+200 Gamma”). Absorb enough radiation from Perfume Advert and you will start glowing. And no amount of anti-rad is going to help that. Highly recommended!

Acid Fountain -Fauna Diction

Whoa, is that floating pumice on the cover? It better be, because if it is, that’s a great visual metaphor of what’s going on behind those glossy pixels in the artwork. The music here, released on the up and coming electronic label Hyle Tapes, makes you feel almost light as air and still leave a rough, DIY edge to it. Following the rich legacy of French house scene, Acid Fountain takes a dive into steady dancefloor beats, neon synth washes and minimalist, subtle structures reminiscent of the more modern purveyors of the mutant house craze such as Octo Octa. It thumps and beats, it goes deep, and it goes smooth. Total zone-out. Recommended!