[ IF, 2017 ]

It was in early 2017 when I received a beautifully packaged double cassette by the Atlanta based industrial trio NAARC. When I listened to the tapes, they didn’t catch my attention at first. The harsh, electro-industrial seemed simply out of my league. But then I asked myself: “Since when exactly do you classify yourself into leagues!?”. So I listened again as a means of reverse engineering the post-industrial genre I’m hooked on lately and I got some sort of an epiphany. I’ve never been able to precisely describe the “industrial” genre, but now I am, because it’s so clear now. The rusted, acid-stained sound truly sounds like something born in a dirty factory, and the two lengthy tracks that finish the album go beyond, into the noisy fog somewhat reminiscent of Skullflower. It’s like getting lost in the part of the city you were never aware of, but enjoying the surroundings.

Polish Nails – Musical Youth

Atlanta based band Polish Nails return to Brutal New York of the early 1980’s with its dilapitated infrastructure, crumbling highways, streets littered with trash, deathzones where it was easier to buy crack than cigarettes and the World Trade Center standing tall and totalitarian above the soot-covered concrete canyons. I’m talking about no wave here obviously, and the screeching, lo-fi sound of the bands is an obvious homage to the sound of DNA or Mars. NYC may be all gentrified and glassy now, but the bleak, rusty sound of no wave lives on and spreads across the world. Recommended!