[ LapFoxTrax, 2016 ]

Darius is one of numerous aliases of the Canadian electronic producer D. Halley, mostly known as RenardFRAMEDRAG is a collection of loose ideas, mostly resolving around airy progressive electronics and MIDI structures, channeling the cheesy hauntology of 80’s science documentary soundtracks and easy listening tunes. The overall effect feels like being stuck somewhere between a lab, a shopping mall and an arcade.  There are moments of contrast here: while “OSC Tuning” sounds like Software, “Have You Been to the Tower?” sounds like a schizophrenic metalhead doing an old video game soundtrack and “Strings Fashioned From Old Souls” could easily be an extra track on OPN’s Garden of Delete. Don’t let the cartoony artwork fool you: this thing is closer to CERN than Anthrocon. Recommended if you enjoyed DiscovererDocumentaires or early Giant Claw.


Euglossine – Canopy Stories


[ Orange Milk Records, 2016 ]

Tristan Whitehill a.k.a. Euglossine is the kind of Florida Man that doesn’t punch holes in fences while on PCP or strips naked in the middle of an interstate, but breaks the stereotypes by making music that is both awesome and confusing – in a good way. While last year’s Complex Playground was an outsider smooth IDM jazz masterpiece masquerading as easy listening muzak, the newest release is much more dancier, approaching club aesthetics at times. Whitehill’s balearic guitar blossoms in the distance while hard-hitting synths push forward ever-shifting rhythms and drum patterns. Music for sensory overload. Recommeded!

Co La – Rest in Paradise


Matt Papich sure loves his samples. On “Rest in Paradise” he takes the catchiest, most vapid snippets of “easy listening” music and 50’s and 60’s pop music and turns them into constantly looping relaxing pieces treated with a ghostly echo and dubby basslines. It’s almost like listening to some early Amon Tobin without any looped drum breaks or IDM experimentation ever coming. Kinda like vaporwave, but it doesn’t take New Age or corporate muzak to fuck with. Instead, it uses the oldie vacation hits to create Technicolor vintage chopped&screwed time capsules that surround and devour the listener. Not sure if it’s briliant or horrible. Decide for yourself.

Co La – “Rest in Paradise”