Charles Barabé – ébauches


[ Jeunesse Cosmique, 2017 ]

Another one from O Canada, this time by Montreal syntesist Charles Barabé, who goes more adventurous and experimental than his last year’s effort Les dernières confessions on two side-long pieces, throwing MIDI vocals, jagged rhythms and modern classical aesthetics into a blender, resulting in an ADHD-addled soundscapes that is at the same time pefectly musical and completely disorienting. Cut-up samples jump up all over the place while a piano plays a simple melody in the distance just to give way to some horns and xylophones. And the whole map changes every several seconds, while never losing the dynamic. How the hell does he do it!?

In case you considered this review tl;drhere’s a shorter and more concise opinion from the RYM user _nkb:

“what if Phillip Glass contributed avantgarde psuedo-rave music to the Age of Empires 1 Soundtrack?”

Make of that what you will. Age of Empires were fucking cool, and so is this EP. Recommended!


Hobo Cubes – Rapid Glow


The Canadian city of Montreal is an unique melting pot of people, influences and styles resulting in one of the most interesting and colorful experimental scenes in modern electronic music. Among many knob twiddlers and synth wizards is Francesco de Gallo, more widely known as Hobo CubesRapid Glow, released by the Montreal based label Jeunesse Cosmique, sees de Gallo at his more random and accidental, going on a rollercoaster ride of early analog synthesizers and the idea of musique concrete, warping the sounds and bending the surroundings at a whim. Not many beautiful melodies here, just some raw synthesis with its edges rounded for more listening pleasure.