[ LapFoxTrax, 2016 ]

Darius is one of numerous aliases of the Canadian electronic producer D. Halley, mostly known as RenardFRAMEDRAG is a collection of loose ideas, mostly resolving around airy progressive electronics and MIDI structures, channeling the cheesy hauntology of 80’s science documentary soundtracks and easy listening tunes. The overall effect feels like being stuck somewhere between a lab, a shopping mall and an arcade.  There are moments of contrast here: while “OSC Tuning” sounds like Software, “Have You Been to the Tower?” sounds like a schizophrenic metalhead doing an old video game soundtrack and “Strings Fashioned From Old Souls” could easily be an extra track on OPN’s Garden of Delete. Don’t let the cartoony artwork fool you: this thing is closer to CERN than Anthrocon. Recommended if you enjoyed DiscovererDocumentaires or early Giant Claw.


Ausrastys – 地獄

Hamilton, Canada based electronic producer and musician Dave Remmler a.k.a. Renard Queenston operates in a variety of musical styles, mainly based around neon-colored, flashy chitpunes and rapid tempos, publishing most of his material through his own netlabel LapFoxTrax. His Aurastys project is one of his darkest and most experimental ventures, and 地獄 seems to be covered with fallout from listening habits extending far beyond Renard’s main mode of operation; there are glimpses of Autechre, the whole Raster.noton catalogue (imagine Alva Noto on steroids), even Deathprod going through a swamp (genuinely creepy “Sludge Pits”). There are moments of hard, thumping industrial styles and EDM that try to fight with the corroded synthesizer noise. Lots of sonic hallucinations that collide with stranded echoes and half-baked song structures – or completely baked, in a wholy different sense.