[ Self-released, 2017 ]

Let’s face it: the Russian/Ukrainian musical project WWWINGS emerged out out the blue, fueled by social media such as VK or Telegram and caught the musical world with their pants down. Move over, NYC; move over, London; move over, Berlin. You ain’t got shit on a bunch of Slavs from the outskirts of Russia whose minds are so deep into the Future they make top futurologists seem like fucking babies. They set the rules now and you just try to catch up. With A+G, the duo of WWWINGS present their super-eclectic blend of post-industrial, UK Bass, trap and IDM into a mass that is yet to be named: maybe it should be Future Bass? Maybe something else? Actually, who gives a shit? This is music from Beyond, pure and simple. You must listen to it to believe it. Highly recommended!


Chino Amobi – PARADISO


[ UNO NYC, 2017 ]

The map of Tumult: Emerging from the depths of the Internet, the co-founder of NON netlabel and Richmond citizen Chino Amobi has slowly worked out a personal brand in the world of digital punk through a string of EP’s, singles and mixtapes, resulting in the debut full length PARADISO, out on the NYC based label UNO NYC known for fishing out visionaries and weirdoes such as Fatima Al Qadiri, Mykki Blanco, Gobby or Arca.  PARADISO may be overwhelming not only at the first listen, but also at the second, third and so on… Hell, it may always be a bit overwhelming. But what else you might expect from an album that is trying to convey the sense of disinformation and chaos of the Planet Earth in the year 2017? Sirens wail, speech patterns fly in the air like bullets, the information overload is unbearable while abrasive electronic beats and melodies batter you like riot police during a peaceful protest gone wrong… Disjointed narratives emerge from brutal drones and an industrial atmosphere creates a feeling of constant invigilation. The world is a mess, everyone’s an enemy and there’s no place to escape. Chino Amobi captures these feelings of information war perfectly. Highly recommended!



[ Planet Mu, 2016 ]

Post-Soviet Hyperfuturism: WWWINGS is a trio of (post)electronic producers coming from the different regions of Russia and Ukraine who are pretty much leaving the rest of the musical world far behind. Hiding under the aliases GXXOST (also known as Lit Internet), AWRWSW (Lit Daw) and Lit Eyne, they seem more like a group of elusive hackers straight outta cyberpunk fantasies than actual musicians, juggling data packets and gliding through bleeping, cut-up sounds like digital ninjas. If Berlin acts such as Amnesia Scanner or M.E.S.H. provide a glimpse into the future, these guys are a fully paid, all-inclusive trip to the world of “unthinkable complexity”, to quote William Gibson himself. After listening to this album, who cares if it’s grime, post-industrial, or whatever else? It’s the Future, with a capital F. Highly recommended!

Lutto Lento – Dark Secret World

dark secret world

[ Where To Now?, 2017 ]

Dark Secret World by the Varsovian sound explorer Lubomir Grzelak a.k.a. Lutto Lento is a maze. An amazing maze, pardon the cringy play on words here. But seriously though, the newest album by the tireless sound miner who once ran the truly trailblazing Sangoplasmo label shows all the influences Lubomir went through to achieve his own sound. It’s part dub, part spoken word, part industrial and part experimental (experiental?) electronics that share the common trait of searching for the forbidden. The entire album feels like a big voodoo ritual, with names like “It’s A Horror And It’s A Wonder”, “Gyal a Devil” or “The Living Hell”, providing a skewed Caribbean atmosphere with every beat, but not leaving behind a strange sense of humor with grotesque spoken word samples and hints in the album cover, as if asking: can you spot the little, cartoonish devil in the otherwise dark, brutalist artwork? No easy questions, no easy answers. Highly recommended!