[ Self-released, 2017 ]

Let’s face it: the Russian/Ukrainian musical project WWWINGS emerged out out the blue, fueled by social media such as VK or Telegram and caught the musical world with their pants down. Move over, NYC; move over, London; move over, Berlin. You ain’t got shit on a bunch of Slavs from the outskirts of Russia whose minds are so deep into the Future they make top futurologists seem like fucking babies. They set the rules now and you just try to catch up. With A+G, the duo of WWWINGS present their super-eclectic blend of post-industrial, UK Bass, trap and IDM into a mass that is yet to be named: maybe it should be Future Bass? Maybe something else? Actually, who gives a shit? This is music from Beyond, pure and simple. You must listen to it to believe it. Highly recommended!




[ Planet Mu, 2016 ]

Post-Soviet Hyperfuturism: WWWINGS is a trio of (post)electronic producers coming from the different regions of Russia and Ukraine who are pretty much leaving the rest of the musical world far behind. Hiding under the aliases GXXOST (also known as Lit Internet), AWRWSW (Lit Daw) and Lit Eyne, they seem more like a group of elusive hackers straight outta cyberpunk fantasies than actual musicians, juggling data packets and gliding through bleeping, cut-up sounds like digital ninjas. If Berlin acts such as Amnesia Scanner or M.E.S.H. provide a glimpse into the future, these guys are a fully paid, all-inclusive trip to the world of “unthinkable complexity”, to quote William Gibson himself. After listening to this album, who cares if it’s grime, post-industrial, or whatever else? It’s the Future, with a capital F. Highly recommended!

Hybrid Palms – Pacific Image


[ Sounds of the Dawn, 2016 ]

Russian New Age acolyte Konstantin Skolnikov takes a rich and nuanced take on the most hippie genre ever with his Hybrid Palms project. On Pacific Image, a cassette released on American ambient label Sounds of the Dawn he brings together the most flowery and shimmery out of oldschool synths, enhances it with distant field recordings of paradise rainforests and a heavy influence of 80’s Japanese New Age/ambient school (think Midori Takada meets Iasos and you’re pretty close). Each track is like a journey to the next island in the tropical archipelago in the middle of a nameless ocean. Deeply meditational. Recommeded!

ColorFlower – The Short Ambients for Nadia


[ ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records, 2016 ]

Short ambients!! Compact ambients! Ambiens that don’t take 20 or 30 minutes but instead are packed into cool, short pieces of relaxation music! The russian sound scientists from ColorFlower managed to creae a set of short, 2 to 10 minutes deeply relaxing suites, perfect for fast everyday life – when you commute quickly to work, when you walk to a nearby shop and it only takes you about 5 minutes or when you drive to work and it’s also short as fuck. Short Ambient for Nadia is a perfect ambient album for today’s busy life, a small island of tranquility in the sea of chaos. Buy now! Pack it in your bag! Or your phone!

Module One – Rebirth

The music of Russia’s Viktor Kiktenko a.k.a. Module One is one of those transition zones between ambient music and “chillout” electronica. He’s closer in his style to the “classic”, mid 70’s Cluster or Harmonia or the later works of Steve Hauschildt then the classic Berlin style school. Somewhere between piano and synthesizers, Rebirth is a set of gentle, slow rhythm driven electronic pieces that are washed with some refreshing goodness. Witness the rebirth. Start your life anew. Very relaxing & recommended.

X.Y.R. – El Dorado

Russian acolyte of Popol Vuh and other late krautrock/early New Age classics X.Y.R. gives his own recounts of what happened in the legendary City of Gold – El Dorado. Gently flowing analog tones and slow rhythms recall sunny jungles and rich architecture of the great south Americal city, for which many searched in the endless wilderness, getting lost in the “Middle of Nowhere”, as one of the tracks aptly points out. The tape version is also available from Illuminated Paths. Seriously, one of the most relaxing things I’ve heard in a long time. Highly recommended!

Holy Palms – Tribute to Snake Charmers Music

Formerly a member of the Russian quarter-tones noise rock duo uSSSy, Moscow’s Pavel Eremeev re-emerges with a solo project Holy Palms. Basing his sound on the prepared baritone guitar (which produces an immediately recognizable and incredibly exotic sound), Eastern tinged drum loops and tape trickery, Holy Palms step into the cloud of oriental psychedelia that might easily pass for a lost collection of desert ecstasy from the Sublime Frequencies label. I’m quite sure dude can actually charm snakes with his guitar. Recommended!